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At the age of 20 she started exploring the world, following many international dance internships. In the meantime, she was also part of the dance team "The Groovies" led by Patrick De Coninck.


Zippora was also a much sought after dancer in discos, such as Zillion (where she was a regular dancer for 2 years), Café D’anvers, Illusion, Atmoz, ...

The foreign clubs were also not unknown to her. She danced in Riu Palace in Mallorca, Pacha and Amnesia in Ibiza.


Eventually it was Patrick De Coninck who urged Zippora to audition at "Byte Records" under the direction of Jean-Paul De Coster after he had heard her sing in the dressing room.


At Byte Records she was noticed again by Philip De Wilde who let her sing the first song of "The Oh!" But Jean - Paul De Coster from "Byte" had several plans with her. He had them collaborate with Philip Meers and Eddy Weyns (DJ producers) and her first vinyl "Lotus Eater" was a hit. It went straight to number 1 in the dance charts and scored high in the ultra top!


Her next songs "See the sun", "Luminous and Beautiful", ... also scored: with her 2 clips and many performances, Zippora became a fixture in the dance circuit.


Since mid-2006, Zippora has been under contract with Serge Ramaekers. Zippora released 2 songs with him under the name "JAM".


In 2009, Zippora went into the studio with Carlos Meire. He is one of the men behind, among others, "Jumphits For Kids" & "Twilight Zone of 2Unlimited". This time Zippora wrote the lyrics herself & contributed to the music of "What about our future". Laurent Wery & Serge Ramaekers provided the finishing touch. Remixes were made by Robert Abigail, Nils van Zandt & Sammy Merayah.


2010, Zippora again released its biggest hit "Lotus Eater", this time the remake. In 2015 and 2016 she was at the Sportpaleis to sing her biggest hit on "Zillion Relive the Vibe" (the club where she once started as a dancer), but she did a second song, completely improvised.


She is regularly asked on "I Love the 90's" in the Ethias Arena.


Zippora is currently working on new material and you can regularly see them at work as MC with various DJs at events and festivals.

Music was her dream, her life and the future!

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