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It is impossible to talk about La Bush without mentioning the name of Dj George's, its emblematic resident, as he has made a name for himself during what will be the opinion of all the most beautiful years of the Temple of House. 


George's made his very young debut in the clubs of De Panne, a famous seaside resort on the Belgian coast. He will have to wait for the majority to be able to work there at night. The Stardust, popular place of the time, will be his first home port for ten years, then the B52 in Dunkirk, and Ckomilfoo in Dendermonde. In 1990, he is found on the turntables of Eden, a bar in Mouscron, then in Lagoa where he was the first Deejay to program one hundred percent hip parties much appreciated by the public (and management!). 


In 1994, he became resident at La Bush, and participated in an impressive number of parties that took place throughout Belgium and France. 


In an interview given in 2002 by a famous DJ magazine, George's grants a lot to people like Eddy from Stardust who gave him his sense of celebration, Dick Van Gelder from former Boccaccio, TC Carrera from Ckomilfoo who taught him the job, not to mention Marko de la Rocca.


Early in his career, George's learned much of the history of Rock, Oldies and Pop music from the Sixties, and Disco Soul from the seventies. The first big trend he encounters is the New Wave in the early eighties, then the New Beat and then the Techno with all its derivatives.


He knows the music since the mid-fifties, it's been a quarter of a century of sounds and a lot of emotions. For him the success of a Deejay is not just a matter of style. One of his famous phrases is that there are only two kinds of music, the good and the bad. George's will never be confined to a single musical style, and plays House, Tek House, Techno, Trance, sometimes even Progressive.


For over thirty years, this major player in the Belgian Techno scene has been practicing the return of the Dance-floors without its pleasure, nor that of the public, being ever diminished. All fans of La Bush will tell you, it is difficult to sleep after spending several hours at the sound of Dj George's mix. Energetic, hypnotic, or maybe even both, there is finally an adjective that can characterize the character and his music: Unique!

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