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A fundamental part of the global dance scene since the early 1990s and renowned for a scholarly and meticulous approach to his craft, Cedric Piret cuts a highly respected figure behind his CP production soubriquet. 


An incipient production career that began in 1990 quickly skyrocketed combining raw talent with a vast musical resource that finds CP with one of the largest collections of vinyl in his native Belgium. Covering over 25-years, Cedric’s collection travels a musical timeline – from rave and techno, to house, trance and progressive house. With an acute ear for a wide range of musical forms, this musical diversity and eclectic blend has seen Cedric unrivalled in his ability to create a bond with the club audiences that come to watch him play. Combining unique programming skills and remarkable track selection with the knowledge and experience acquired from a decade working in one of Europe’s largest vinyl stores, the CP name has enthralled dance floors across Europe and beyond.


It was this time spent working in Belgium’s “Extrazone Vinyl Store”, that a chance encounter with Benoit Franquet – whose nascent Pole Folder moniker was beginning to make waves – saw the two become firm friends, sharing musical ideas and a single vision to create accessible dance-floor music that would go beyond the nocturnal confines of the night club and into the daylight hours of listener consciousness. “Apollo Vibes” was thus born in 2002, defining a genre with its characteristic melodic refrain and searing beat. With “Apollo Vibes” opening Digweed’s celebrated “Los Angeles Global Underground 019” compilation and featuring in the 2002 Colombia Tristar movie, “Stark Raving Mad”, Pole Folder & CP’s reputation was cemented in musical history, epitomising the progressive house sound of the early 2000s. Supported by the artists that included Hernan Cattaneo, Laurent Garnier and Nick Warren, the duo’s music became part of the fabric of underground dance culture at a pivotal time.


Recognised across the clubs of his Belgian home country, six-year residencies were held at the globally renowned “Palladium” and “Tao After Club” between 1996 and 2002, while a spell at “Pulse Factory” between 2005 and 2011 led to a pair of mix compilations for the club. Furthermore, global performances across continental Europe and South America in Greece, Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands and Mexico, have seen the CP name revered across the world stage.


Tracking imperceptibly with current moods while supplying the same forensic detail in his sets and music selection, Cedric’s crafted sets feature a hypnotic and melodic sound that shifts between deep techno and underground progressive house, always with an eye to the future.