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mike thompson

Mario Bocca has started his journey of DJ’ing in 2009. Right after showing up in the music scene he started to perform at the better clubs & events in Belgium such as La Rocca, Riva, Retro Arena, Bocca, Club Lux, Sotto's, Kokorico, Illusion, Creamm, Insomnia Nights, Dance D-Vision, Club Pure (Ibiza), Vamos Club (France) Club Umani, Zuco, Beachland, and many more.

With his extensive knowledge from house music since 1995 till today and everything else in between, combined with the ability to read and feel a crowd, Dj Mario Bocca puts on a performance every time.

As his career was running up fast, in 2011 he decided to open his own club, “Club Lux” (St Lievens-Esse). It was a huge success, especially with the birth of his famous concept “Insomnia Nights”, what is still one of the best house concepts of Belgium. Made In Belgium, one of the best retro house concepts in Belgium.

In 2015 he opened his second club, “Bocca” (Destelbergen), what became one of the leading clubs in the country.

As the sky is the limit, in 2016 he also became the organizer of one of the hottest RnB concepts… ‘’HEAT’’.

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